Lynch family

A family can mean so many things, to us it means a trustful place to fall. A lot has shaped our family into what it is today from heartache to joyous occasions. We are thankful for each of God's seasons, because looking back they have grown us into the unit and individuals we are.

We consider it a great honor that you have chosen our FAMILY nursery to be your nursery HOME! We can't wait to see you soon. 


Grandma Birdie - Roberta (the boss lady)

The hugger, the greeter, the "let’s come on in" lady. Once you meet her, you’ll feel like you’ve been part of her family your entire life. A lifetime resident of Wilson, Roberta enjoyed 50 years married to her high school sweetheart, and love of her life Chicken Lynch.

Since retiring, Grandma has taken over all the day to day duties. She manages schedules, invoices, orders and personalities. The business is still housed where it all began in her backyard. 

Grandma's favorite part of the business: "The HUGS! After losing Chicken, life can get lonely, but there is nothing that fills my heart like the hugs of our customers, who to us are family." 

Grandma's favorite plant: "Knock out roses! They are the perfect flower bed filler for the busy person!"


Robert & Kim (the parents)

Robert and Kim are both Medical Professionals with a deep passion for helping others. Robert works as a Emergency Room Physician Assistant for the Chickasaw Nation in Ada and Kim, trained as an RNBSN, now serves as the Director of Nursing for Mercy in Ardmore. 

Although Robert grew up with his father always raising a garden, it wasn't until he married Kim that he appreciated the art of good flower beds. These two started designing beds together early in their relationship and much like their love for each other, their flower beds have grown and bloomed over the years into masterpieces. They believe strongly in the statement, “if the plants aren't to the quality we would plant in our backyard then they don't belong in the aisles of the Garden Center." 

Favorite part of the business: "Helping new gardeners design and plan out their flower beds. They are so excited, while also being scared to death. It is so cool to watch as they develop with confidence over the spring season and year to year!" 

Favorite plant: "DV Custom Combos! They are one of a kind, spectacular creations.  Red Pentas are a close second."


Des & Jake (the kids) 

Although 14 years between these two, they have grown to be the best of friends. The business started before Jake was even born, as Des and her Papa began to sell fresh vegetables out of his garden to the community of Wilson. However, from the time Jake could walk, he was helping out wherever was needed. 

Jake is a Sophomore at Plainview High School and handles all the mowing responsibilities (for the business, grandma and all the neighbors, which is almost the whole town). He has been learning a lot about the family business lately and although he enjoys a day with the family at the nursery, his number one passion is fishing!  

Des graduated from Wilson High School in 2007, University of Oklahoma in 2011 and then made her way down to Houston, Texas to follow her passion for the Oil and Gas industry. Even though her "home" is now 400 miles away from the family business, you can catch her most spring weekends investing her time in the aisles of the Garden Center, making deliveries in the box truck or trying to convince her dad how to multitask. 

If you ask Des, she will tell you she works in Corporate America to finance her life, and she works at Des' Veggies to finance her heart. 

Des' favorite part of the business: "Watching customers light up with pure joy from seeing God's beautiful creation in the image of plants - there is nothing quite like it."

Jake's favorite part of the business: "Payday!"